Angela Navarro is an artist based in Austin TX.

She has a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art from the Facultad de Bellas Artes de San Carlos in Valencia, Spain.


During different periods in her life, either studying or working, Angela has lived in Spain, Portugal, Germany and the UK.

She has created her signature style from her passion for patterns, architecture, graphic design and color.

Her paintings are a colorful abstract allegory of nature with distinctive botanical references. Her use of color and dynamic  composition transforms every canvas into statement piece.


Overall an explosion of passion and feast for the eye.


Thanks you!

International Women's day

La Peña


Women through

the Arts

Collective Exhibition

Saturday March 7th     6 - 8pm

Alondra Acosta Mora, Connie Arismendi, Ines Battló, 

Ana Borne, Veronica Castillo, Celeste deLuna, Laurence Denis, Sandra C. Fernández, Rebecca Fitzgerald, Ana Fuentes, Esperanza Gama, Mary Jane Garza, Naxieli Gómez, Deanne James, Barbara Joyner, Angela Navarro, 

Kelly Daniela Norris, Emily Socolov, and Abe Louise Young.

227 Congress Av, Austin TX 78701

Sometime in the future...

Come find me at CANOPY, Trailer #2



7 PM - 10 PM

Photo credit: Claire Schaper & Tribeza Magazine

january 7th to march 3rd

Showing selected artwork at UT Austin Location

2606 Guadalupe - Austin TX 78705

Original paintings, Abstract and Expressionist Contemporary art

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