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My name is Angela Navarro

I am an artist, a painter really.

Originally from the Mediterranean coast of Spain,  I have had the good fortune to experience life in few countries, although it is Austin TX that I have been calling home for the last 10 years. Just until few months ago, when my family and I relocated to Seattle, although you can probably find me nowadays hopping between both.

I graduated from the Facultad de Bellas Artes de San Carlos, in Valencia a while ago, but started to paint full time in 2015. Since then I have developed my personal style of story telling through brush markings, dynamic compositions and long (long, long) tittles.

My work is thematically inspired by the quotidian, and I make sure I bring my sense of humor along. I like to reflect into issues of self-perception and social acceptance. As a woman, a parent and as a perpetual newcomer.

Inside the paintings, the motion in the composition is a nod to change and the understanding of life as a roaming  path. Each painting is an introspective journey and it comes with its little story.

In the media

This is my little corner where I show off a bit about myself



The day that FOX 7 came to my studio to promote the XX Austin Studio Tour 2022


Saatchi Catalog

When Saatchi put me in their Fall2022 Catalog. First page!


Texas Monthly

When I got picked as one of the 12 artist to watch at the studio tour (of 520!!!)


THE QUEST for Zest

Documentarist Clark Underwood and his team came to my studio to take a look at my work

East Side magazine_edited_edited.jpg

EASTSide Magazine

Featured in the EASTSide Magazine October 2022 Art Issue



In 2019 made it into a 10 artists to know list

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